Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are your operating hours?

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2) What are the methods of payment for your car rentals?

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3) What are the costs of rental for each type of cars?

All guideline pricing are displayed on the website. Please note that location, travel distance, time and duration of rental may affect the rental price.

4) How do I get a quote for my rental?

To get a confirm quote, please provide us the following information:
1) Car selection.
2) Travel locations involved.
3) The timing and duration the car is required.

5) Can I rent your car in Penang or Johor?

Yes, we service the whole of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

6) Are the rental inclusive of drivers?

Most vehicles are quoted with drivers. Only sports cars are not quoted with drivers.

7) Can I rent your cars without driver?

Depends. We allow certain cars to be rented with or without drivers. Please check with us which cars are available for self-drive rental.

8) How do you calculate “per day rental” or “half day rental”? What is “per session” rental?

Per day is either
1) 12 hours continuous, or
2) 2 separate sessions in a day totaling 10 hours

Half day is 5 hours

Per session is between 3 – 12 hours depending on the type of usage and location of the rental

10) What if the hours in per day or half day are not enough?

You can either :
1) Pre-book the extension hours, or
2) Add on extension hours during the rental.  Please note that pre-booking extension hours cost less than adding extension hours during rental.

11) How much does it cost to add hours?

Per hour pre-booked extension is 5% of per day cost of the rented vehicle.

Per hour extension added during rental is 10% of per day cost of the rented vehicle.

12) I already have decoration package for my wedding car, do I need to rent the day before my wedding to do the decoration?

No. We provide decoration arrangement if you already have your wedding car decorator. We can either send the car the day before to your decorator, or pickup your decoration materials the day before and decorate on your behalf. We charge a minimal fee for this service. Please check with us the cost for the decoration arrangement service.

13) How do I book your car?

To book a car, you will need to get a confirm quote for us (see above). If you are agreeable to the quote, you can place a booking fee to secure the date for the specific vehicle. Booking fee may vary depending on the vehicle and the duration of your rental, please check with us the booking fee required for the specific vehicle you choose.

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